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Optimized Physio-Chemistry for Tendon & Ligament Healing


TAPESTRY Biointegrative Implant is a bioengineered collagen implant with a highly aligned & highly porous architecture specifically designed to support tendon and ligament healing.

Bioengineered Architecture

Demonstrating Biointegrative Mechanism of Action

The success of an implant specifically designed for tendon and ligament tissue regeneration is highly dependent on structure and chemistry. TAPESTRY is a highly aligned collagen-based implant that gradually resorbs leaving new tendon-like tissue to augment the existing tendon. Its cell friendly microstructure features tailored fiber diameter and specific porosity/ void. The porosity of TAPESTRY was carefully engineered to create a consistent pore sizes between 50 and 300 μm. Fully resorbed TAPESTRY implant in vivo demonstrates the formation of dense collagenous connective tissue around and in place of the implant.1

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TAPESTRY can absorb 37X times its weight in blood in 30 seconds.

Video playback speed is 60X


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