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Science that Moves You

A soft tissue healing company pioneering
the next generation of biologic
orthopedic solutions

Our Technology

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About Us

Progressing The Standard of Care

Embody, A Soft Tissue Healing Company

Embody is pioneering the next generation of soft tissue regeneration creating a platform of biointegrative solutions to support healing in the most challenging orthopedic soft tissue injuries.


Developing innovative and restorative
medical products
since 2014.


awards Embody $11.85MM
to progress the standard of care.


Embody launches its first product,
bioengineered tendon analog.


Addressing Needs in Foot & Ankle

There are over 60,000 Achilles procedures performed in the US each year.
The biological effect of the TAPESTRY
Biointegrative Implant offers the potential
to address unmet needs in traditional Achilles repair
as well as challenging foot and ankle tendon procedures.

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Augmenting Shoulder Procedures

There are over 800,000 Rotator Cuff procedures performed each year
with a high incidence of re-tear.
TAPESTRY® Biointegrative Implant is a biostimulative
collagen-based implant with bioengineered micro-architecture
specifically designed for tendon repair that supports soft tissue healing.

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Future Adaptation to Knee Surgery

Embody’s proprietary biofabrication process precisely
controls the molecular assembly of collagen into
microfibers with unprecedented strength and modulus. With over
400,000 knee ligament repairs performed annually,
our microfluidics-based technology follows the body’s ability to
assemble collagen into strong, aligned fibers, as found in the native tissue.

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