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Embody is now a Zimmer Biomet company.

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The soft tissue healing company


Understand more about the Science Behind TAPESTRY®


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Biologic Healing Through Collagen

Embody, The Soft Tissue Healing Company

Embody is pioneering the next generation of soft tissue regeneration creating a platform of biointegrative solutions to support healing in the most challenging orthopedic soft tissue injuries.

Developing innovative and restorative medical products SINCE 2014.


DARPA awards Embody $11.85MM to progress the standard of care.


Embody launches its first product, TAPESTRY Biointegrative transplant.


Embody launches TAPESTRY RC Arthroscopic Delivery & Fixation System.


Clinical Applications

Supporting tendon and ligament healing


Addressing Needs in Foot & Ankle

There are over 400,000 Foot & Ankle procedures performed in the US each year. The biological properties of TAPESTRY Biointegrative Implant can address unmet needs in challenging foot and ankle procedures.


Augmenting Shoulder Procedures

There are over 800,000 Rotator Cuff procedures performed in the US each year. TAPESTRY RC allows for arthroscopic delivery of the TAPESTRY Biointegrative Implant to support healing in tendon repairs like rotator cuff.


Supporting Healing in Knee Repairs

There are over 500,000 knee ligament repairs performed annually. TAPESTRY Biointegrative Implant creates the ideal microenvironment for dense, collagenous tissue ingrowth to support healing in knee applications.