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An Innovative Solution

Our goal is to restore peak performance for orthopedic patients through advanced manufacturing and regenerative technologies. Our unique approach aims to restore pre-injury performance to warfighters, athletes and anyone suffering from sports medicine injuries.

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Progressing The Standard of Care

Embody’s implantable materials have shown the ability to generate a robust cellular response to our aligned nano fibers which has the potential to direct and modulate the body’s own healing response, resulting in faster recovery, better outcomes and improved functionality and return to pre-injury strength. Our current Achilles indication has shown a cellular response towards the production of new tendon-like tissue in just 2 WEEKS!!!


Developing innovating restorative
medical products
Since 2014


Embody aims to assist and bring
healing to the 70,000
achilles surgeries per year.


Bringing innovation to an industry
that hasn’t changed in


Restoring Mission Readiness

50% of all injuries inside US armed forces are
soft tissue injuries. Our technology will help those
who help and serve us.

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Restoring the Athlete

38% of NBA athletes never return to
the court after an achilles injury.

Maximizing Return to Performance


Sustaining Our Loved Ones

68% of tendon injuries happen
during recreational activities.

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