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June 22, 2018

| Tags: Funding

The Virginia Biosciences Health Research Corporation (VBHRC), now known as Virginia Catalyst, recently announced the Round 8 grant awardees. Michael Francis, PhD, Embody Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, led the Norfolk-based company’s effort to compete for a Virginia Bioscience Healthcare Research Corporation “Catalyst” grant. There were over 25 applicants and the top 10 scored proposals were invited to present in March. Francis gave the top ranked presentation along with his collaborators Dr. Anna Bulysheva of Old Dominion University and Dr. George Christ of the University of Virginia.  In April, Embody was awarded an $800,000 grant to advance development and animal testing of their microfluidics extrusion platform for collagen fiber production. In addition, the company will be able to develop an Internal Brace 100% collagen suture and advance the product through animal testing under this work.  This is an incredible opportunity to fund and fast-track a new product which will be the first resorbable collagen internal brace on the market.  (Rick Horrow, 2018)