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Who We Are

Located in Norfolk, Virginia, our uniquely qualified team of scientists and engineers are redefining the standard of care for soft tissue tendon injuries

Jeff Conroy

CEO - Founder

After 30 years in the life sciences, I am honored to be a part of this high-performing team developing new technologies for the benefit of sports medicine patients.  Every step of my background has prepared me for this adventure, having developed our DARPA relationship,  created strategic partnerships, and commercialized products in the tissue banking and sports medicine business.  I am the father of Maddy and Mary, husband to Jennifer, entrepreneur and, as my daughter Mary once professed, I am “just a guy who lives in a house like everyone else.”

Michael Francis, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer - Co-Founder

Michael Francis, Ph.D., is the Chief Science Officer of Embody, a serial inventor and entrepreneur. At Embody, Dr. Francis is transforming the way medical devices and therapeutics are made, using advanced “bottom-up” vs. old-school “top-down” manufacturing methods, while changing the way biotech companies are built, with creativity, candor, compassion and culture as cornerstones.

Translational Research and Product Development:Dr. Francis has worked in the medical device industry, orthopedic, cardiovascular, sports medicine and stem cell fields over the past two decades. His scientific expertise and publications range widely from work with  gene therapy, cell therapy, tissue engineering, human extracellular matrix-based therapeutics, nanotechnology, allografts, advanced biomaterials, 3D printing and biofabrication. Working previously at LifeNet Health and now as the scientific lead at Embody, Dr. Francis has led teams of scientists and engineers in the R&D of PMA, 510(k) and currently marketed HCT/P products that have helped heal many people in need.

Community Service:As faculty at the local medical school (EVMS), Dr. Francis lectures frequently, mentors and trains students, and also teaches annually in the UVA Biomedical Engineering Capstone course. He is actively involved in standards committees (e.g. ASTM), has organized multiple regenerative medicine seminar series and biofabrication conferences, and serves on numerous academic, for-profit and non-profit advisory boards.

Education:Michael concurrently earned a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Akron, then a Ph.D. in Pathology between the University of Virginia and the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University, with business executive leadership training from the CCL in Greensboro, NC.

Personal:In his spare time, you may find Michael adventure seeking with his wife and children, out hiking, mountain biking, traveling, at a concert, in an art gallery, swapping tubes in audiophile amps, or restoring his classic cars.

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Conroy, Board President, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
  • Rob Ball, CEO of Genesis Innovation Group and Managing Director of cultivate(MD)
  • Michael Francis, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder
  • Tim Meyers, Managing Director, DoHoMa Capital


Board of Clinical Advisors

Embody has created an ecosystem of success by assembling a board of clinical advisors focused on nothing but excellence inside the orthopedic repair space. These advisors know and understand that a successful company establishing new baselines with a ground up approach to innovation don't need roadblocks, merely guidance and input at the appropriate times.