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What We Do

Operating at the intersection of biology and biomechanics

Embody, Inc., is a regenerative medicine company focused on the development and commercialization of implantable medical devices to address the unmet demands in soft tissue restoration and regeneration. Leveraging our expertise in biomaterial design, biofabrication, nanotechnology, and medical devices, we are engineering implantable devices that will disrupt and significantly improve patient outcomes in soft tissue surgical applications.

A New Standard

Embody is building implants specifically for tendon & ligament repair. Our focus is to progress the standard of care for warfighters, athletes, and our loved ones so that they might return to pre-injury performance while improving patient outcomes.

Our Focus

Embody's Mission

Embody’s mission is to improve quality of life for traumatic and sports injury patients by providing regenerative products that promote faster healing and restore pre-injury performance.

Advanced Approach

Utilizing a dynamic blend of established, proprietary, and innovative scientific techniques we are developing regenerative scaffolds through our nano-to-product scale technologies that will resorb into the body, improving the outcome for the over 2 million patients annually affected by soft tissue injuries in the United States.

Broad Reach

Embody will educate physicians in key markets around the United States on the benefits of our Achilles tendon, rotator cuff, and ACL grafts while strategically expanding our business over time. This strategy will enable us to build an effective and broad scope of understanding about our regenerative products.

Eco-System of Success

We have a uniquely qualified team of scientists, engineers, and medical advisors who use their combination of biofabrication and collagen science expertise to invent advanced manufacturing methods of novel biomaterials. In addition to our team we have an eco-system of established relationships that not only enhance our success but allow us to continually push the boundaries of adoptions and innovation inside the life science industry.